Kelsey Willenbacher , 
Emerging Professional

Kelsey’s interest in architecture was sparked from a young age when she would hover over her dad’s shoulder. She was mesmerized by his work as a home builder and the architectural intent and process of design. Kelsey’s passion for healthcare architecture arose from watching her mother’s experience as a patient. This inspired her desire to design spaces that change the patient’s experience and support their morale, dignity, and privacy. She enjoys finding opportunities to push the boundaries of traditional design and the camaraderie of working with a project team. Kelsey brings problem-solving and attention to detail to each project. Her creativity, design thinking, and strength in space planning allow her to visualize beautiful and innovative spaces.

Kelsey has always been passionate about and interested in historic architecture and wanted to experience the beautiful architectural history of Italy. During her three months studying abroad, she gained a greater appreciation for the evolution of architectural design and the importance of architectural history in understanding our cultural identity and inspiring future designs.

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