Kylie Engel , 
Emerging Professional

Kylie Engel

Kylie initially came to RTA as an intern while working towards her degree, and after graduating, she returned as an Emerging Professional. Her older cousin, an Interior Architect, first inspired Kylie to study architecture. Seeing her cousin’s career, Kylie wanted to create and improve human experiences through design. She was drawn to the challenge of crafting a project from a broad concept and diving into the details to maximize use. Kylie enjoys working with and learning from new people. She is also interested in sustainable design and seeks to learn strategies to reduce the environmental impact of buildings. Working with the team, Kylie brings a fresh perspective focusing on how spaces can invigorate experiences and benefit the user.

While in school, Kylie studied abroad in Orvieto, Italy; this experience broadened her understanding of architecture and the human experience. Going forward, she will apply the lessons learned during this time to her own life and work.

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