Matt Skarin , 

Matt Skarin with personal item

Matt has always enjoyed building and creating things, and this, combined with his drive to have a positive impact, led him to pursue a career in architecture. Seeing a project come to life and creating spaces that benefit the community are his favorite things as an architect. Matt is skilled at the technical aspects of design and excels at engaging with clients and the design team. He encourages engagement and innovation with his boundless curiosity, desire to learn and grow, and commitment to collaboration. Matt approaches complex spatial and programmatic issues like a puzzle, working collaboratively with clients, stakeholders, and consultants to find the best solution.

Matt studied in Prague for a semester in college and was able to visit nearby towns. Being able to see, visit, and study buildings from every style and time period as far back as 1100 A.D. was a huge inspiration for him as an architect. Seeing perfectly preserved gothic arches next to baroque tower domes, mixed with art nouveau facades and contemporary structures, showed him how diverse and unique architecture can be and how well it can coexist in one place.

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