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Process Overview

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Platte Canyon School District retained RTA Architects in July of 2021 as the planning and design team to assist in the creation of a Facilities Masterplan. The District serves approximately 925 students within the community of Bailey, Co. The intent of the Facilities Master Plan is to evaluate existing facility conditions, understand current and future enrollment projections, and review the educational adequacy for each grade level served. With steady input from the District and community members, the final document provides a road map to assess and identify the needs for facility and capital improvements in the near and far future. The master capital planning process considers the condition of all district facilities, including school campuses, district offices, and bus maintenance buildings. The District values the importance of facility maintenance to keep standards high, prevent failures and maintain reasonable operational costs. They believe the facilities must be maintained to support current and future educational needs to ensure student success.

The master planning process is both investigative and exploratory. It is essential to identify and understand how the existing conditions align with the District's Vision, explore options, and set goals that support current and future program offerings. The process is a fully collaborative effort between the school board, school district, parents, and the professional planning and design team. The final product serves as the foundation for facility planning, but it is considered a constantly
evolving, "living" document. As items are completed, and future needs are discovered, the document will serve as a guide for rational decision-making with respect to short and long-term goals.

The final Master Capital Plan is a complex document that requires input from many people's diverse talents and perspectives. A Planning Advisory Team (PAT) was created to consistently participate in planning efforts and met regularly throughout the duration of the planning process. The team represented the School District, staff, and the Bailey community.


Planning Advisory Team (PAT)


The Planning Advisory Team (PAT) is a specially convened group of stakeholders that provide context, creative input, and critical feedback to shape the framework for the master plan strategy. The group includes members of the School Board, parents, community members, and school district employees. The team brings a broad background of knowledge and expertise, including construction, school facility maintenance, general business, local policymaking, real estate and development, financial management, and more. The PAT met four times during the master plan process and later represented the master plan at school board meetings and community meetings. Their efforts were invaluable to the process for defining project priorities within the School District.


 Thank you to the following for your commitment and participation in the PAT:

 Mike Schmidt, Superintendent, Platte Canyon School District
Heather Prewitt, Platte Canyon SD Board of Education
Katie Spodyak, Platte Canyon SD Board of Education
Matt Flores, Director of Facilities, Platte Canyon School District

Ashley Stephen, Director of Business Services, Platte Canyon School District
Jolene Durrant, Assistant Principal, Platte Canyon School District
Melissa Nieber, Parent and Community Member
Jack Hansell, Community Member




PAT Schedule & Meeting Records 

  08/17/2021   PAT #1    Download PAT Meeting Record  
  08/23/2021    PAT #2    Download PAT Meeting Record  
  08/31/2021    PAT #3    Download PAT Meeting Record  
  09/20/2021   PAT #4    Download PAT Meeting Record  
  01/06/2022   BOE #1    Download BOE Meeting Presentation  


  Welcome Page   Process Overview    Research & Investigation    Master Plan    Implementation  

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