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Thank you for taking the time to familiarize yourself with the process and future goals of Platte Canyon School District!

In July 2021, Platte Canyon School District began the journey of developing a Facilities Master Plan, to serve as the framework for change and future decision making. This plan was created in collaboration with the school board, district personnel, parents and the professional planning and design team. Select from the links below to explore the process and outcomes!


Community, Students, Parents, and Teachers,

I’ve been with Platte Canyon School District for 23 years as a teacher, coach, and administrator. Both of my own children are Platte Canyon graduates and attended preschool through high school in our system. I have witnessed first-hand the many achievements of our students in our school-related programs. Over the last year the District has undertaken an extensive master planning process.

Working with our consulting architects we have reviewed the conditions of our existing facilities and explored multiple master planning options with input from community members, District staff, teachers, and parents. Through this process we continue to focus on creating safe and appropriate educational environments. Through this master planning process, it has been become apparent circumstances now compel us to focus on upgrading our facilities to continue to safely educate our students.

Simply, our current preK-5 campus, Deer Creek, needs major system upgrades (mechanical, electrical, grading, portable classrooms) over the next few years. In fact, the State of Colorado independently identified Deer Creek as the highest FCI score (weighted score of repairs) in the state. Though our elementary school is safe and functioning, the effort and resources required to maintain this building will continue to increase.

Our middle school is also aging, and our high school is underutilized. Through our master planning process, we aim to consolidate our schools on one integrated preK – 12 campus at our current MS/HS site, drastically increasing safety and efficiency for our stakeholders.

This consolidation represents a 17% reduction in the square footage maintained by the District, maximizes efficiency and district resources, yet does not reduce the SF/student below state minimum standards. Consolidating campuses creates one true community focal point, one where all stakeholders can actively participate in our academic, extra-curricular, and after-school programs.

In order to fund this major undertaking, the District is exploring multiple funding options including grants such as the state BEST Program. In order to leverage the matching dollars of a BEST grant, strong community support is needed in the form of a bond in November of this year.

We are very excited to for the opportunities the master plan will provide for our community, students, parents, and teachers and look forward to working with you to support our school District.

Mike Schmidt
PCSD Superintendent/PCHS Principal



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