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Master Capital Plan


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The District Priorities above were established as a result of eight Planning Advisory Team meetings and weekly Executive Committee meetings. These meetings reviewed and analyzed multiple points of data to establish and discuss Montrose County School District needs and desires moving into the future.  The process included analyzing the needs of the District by grade levels such as ECC, elementary schools, middle schools etc.  Multiple solutions for each grade level were reviewed by the group and proposed solutions were established.  These solutions were then analyzed based on importance and placed by priority in that order.

These priorities and improvement projects were developed through a collaborative process with RTA, the Planning Advisory Team, and the Executive Committee as described above.  Each project below responds to deficiencies and needs that were identified through the research and investigation phase of the master capital planning process.

Estimates below include concept planning cost of construction estimates provided by FCI Constructors. Owners soft costs and contingencies are also included to create an overall estimate of probable project cost. Due to current volatility and extreme escalation in the construction market, it is difficult to accurately project these costs into the future. As a result, these costs are based on January of 2022 costs and do not include any escalation for later in 2022 or years thereafter. 


Select from the Icons below for more information about each District Priority and identified improvement projects:

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  Welcome Page   Process Overview    Research & Investigation     Master Capital Plan     Implementation  

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