"Perceptual Closure" by Greg Johnson to be featured at G44 on Friday, November 5th

“Painting is a bridge; it allows me to participate physically with my imagination.” - Greg Johnson

RTA’s Interior designer Greg Johnson has a gallery show featuring his acrylic paintings on Friday November 5 from 5-9 pm at G44 located at 121 E. Boulder Street in Colorado Springs. Here’s what G44 has to say about Greg and his unique painting style, “Allowing his paint to flow freely gives the paint its freedom to contribute to the overall expressions on the canvas…Viewed up close and from a distance, Greg’s paintings involve the viewer on multiple levels. Up close one is enveloped in detail, texture, and a microcosm of abstract woven color. From a distance these gestural dribbles coalesce as a united expression.” Come meet Greg and his incredible talent this Friday at G44 Gallery and see the mastery for yourself!

G44 Facebook Image 820x312 Nov v1