Pueblo Community Health Center's East Side Clinic Featured in Healthcare Snapshots

The Pueblo Community Health Center East Side Clinic was a recent feature in Healthcare Snapshots, and we'd love to give you a peek into the interior of this state-of-the-art medical building.

Calming. Natural. Timeless. These adjectives describe the mood that the East Side clinic wanted to achieve with its interior environment. To support these ideas, we looked to nature. Biophilia is the idea that people innately connect to nature; therefore, an environment design based on nature will reflect a mood of calm, nature, and even be timeless.

Through color, each floor represents a different element of nature - plants/green/first, animals/yellow/second and sky/blue/third. The colors also help with wayfinding to tell patients where they are just by the accent colors they see. Accent-colored carpet also denotes the exit path for the clients within the clinic areas. Textural carpet, with different levels of the accent color, adorns the open areas. The pattern in the flooring utilizes fractals, a pattern found in nature that repeats itself randomly at different scales. This introduces nature into the space with the same innate feeling that nature evokes in us.

The result is a space that makes the people feel comfortable and relaxed when they enter, and then helps to set them on the path toward recovery as they leave. 

Read more about this project here.

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