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Strategic Plan for Implementation

The plan for implementation is an effort to organize the identified the proposed master plan along a timeline for completion. Below is an outline that begins to focus on a strategy for completing the proposed project identified in the master plan.

2022 Bond Election
For the master plan project to be fully funded, a bond election will be required. It is anticipated that the Platte Canyon School District will pursue a bond election in the fall of 2022 to generate funds to complete the proposed project.

2023 BEST Grant application
The Platte Canyon School District will pursue a BEST Grant in early 2024 to supplement funding generated by a successful bond campaign. The BEST grant is a matching program and will match up to 29% of funds generated by the school district.

2023-2024 Building Design
Upon successful bond campaign and BEST grant, design of the project will begin in the fall of 2023 and finish in the spring of 2024.

2024 Building Construction
It is anticipated that construction could begin in the Spring of 2024 with completion in the fall of 2025.


Current Projects


The Platte Canyon School District is currently completing small projects to improve facilities across the district. The following is a brief description of projects being currently being completed.

  • MS Learning Community Furniture
    Furniture is being replaced in the common learning break-out space in one of the 8th grade learning community. The district worked closely with RTA Architects reimagine these spaces and design furniture layout options to improve the function and quality of the break-out space. The district is currently working with a furniture vendor to provide furniture based on the selected layout.
  • Track Resurfacing
    The Platte Canyon School District is currently investigating the feasibility of completing a track resurfacing project. The district is working with consultants to understand the scope of the project and the associated costs.




  Welcome Page   Process Overview    Research & Investigation     Master Plan     Implementation  

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