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Peak Medical Office Building

Parker, CO


Connecting through experience of place.

This state of the art facility is a four-story medical office building on the Parker Adventist Hospital campus located at E-470 and Parker Road. It includes a first floor outpatient cancer care center and Class-1 imaging center with a broad spectrum of physician’s offices including obstetrics - gynecology, family care, colorectal, neurosurgery and ear nose and throat specialists amongst others throughout. Nurse workstations and staff break rooms are strategically located throughout the building to provide respite and spaces for team-centered collaboration.


Ever curious. Ever learning. Ever improving.

RTA tackled the complexities of multiple budgets and tight schedules while working with the Hospital and their developer, MedDevelopment. The flexible building design allows for a bridge, which will allow direct access to the hospital. Located at the highest point of the Parker Adventist campus allows for impressive views, bringing the outside nature in through the massive windows of all four sides of every floor of the building.


Purposeful, engaging solutions.

The four-story tower element, reflective of the campus motif, allows for a large covered canopy which also extends to the near corner of the building. It also leads to a protected exterior public courtyard which includes waiting and seating areas for both patients and staff. Patient-focused design to encourage wellness is the hallmark of the RTA team.

The Peak MOB, designed  to cohesively blend with the original aesthetics of the medical campus, flows into the welcoming interior designed public space, then into each specialized patient-centered care area. RTA is also the designer of both exterior and interior way-finding signage which became a customized hybrid of the original Centura Standard.

Project Details

  • Square footage: 88,000 sf, four floors
  • Project Cost: $24,521,398


Design Details

  • GI Suite
  • Oncology Suite
  • Internal Medicine Suite
  • OBGYN Suite
  • ENT Suite
  • Colorectal Suite
  • Neurosurgery
  • Cancer Center
  • Phlebotomy Lab
  • Photography by Moss Photography