St. Francis Medical Center 6th Floor

Colorado Springs, Colorado


Connecting through experience of place.

The client’s objective for the design was to create a Joint Center of Excellence, which would satisfy the community’s need for local services, as well as reach out to a wider range of Colorado residents, to accommodate orthopedic rehabilitation following joint replacement surgeries. The orthopedics floor on the 6th level of St. Francis Medical Center (SFMC) focuses on an atmosphere of energy and resilience. The result was a unique facility with high-end finishes and furnishings, and the highest quality of care.


Ever curious. Ever learning. Ever improving.

RTA initiated a series of highly collaborative user group meetings among the design team, hospital staff, nurses, and physicians with the goal of emphasizing patient goal-orientation and self-achievement for fast and effective rehabilitation.


Purposeful, engaging solutions.

The 21,100 square foot unit features 33 patient rooms, two of which are elaborate patient suites. These suites are family-oriented and have more amenities than the typical patient room. The amenities include an electric fireplace, a dining zone, a sleeping area, a nursing area, and additional storage. The Ortho Gym is located physically and figuratively at the core of the unit, and the design also features a rehab circuit. Alcoves were carved between individual rooms to be utilized as resting areas, resistance and strength training spots, and water stations. Each recess contributes to the unification of the entire facility and offers the patient a great sense of accomplishment.

Situated across from the Ortho Gym is the Family Room where family members can relax and get quiet time alone.

Project Details

  • Square footage: 21,100 sf
  • Project cost: $ 

Design Details

  • 33 patient rooms
  • 2 full patient suites
  • Ortho gym
  • Family room
  • Rehab circuit
  • Views
  • Daylighting
  • Collaborative user group