Rocky Mountain Health Care Services PACE Program at Explorer

Colorado Springs, Colorado


Connecting through experience of place.

The PACE care model (a program of all-inclusive care for the elderly) at Rocky Mountain Health Care Services (RMHCS) provides anyone 55+ with social, support, wellness, and medical care resources. Most of these services are provided in a home setting. However, two major program elements are co-located at the Day Center: a gracious regional facility where residents socialize and participate in a variety of activities, and the Clinic, where health and wellness needs are met.


Ever curious. Ever learning. Ever improving.

RTA Architects started working with RMHCS in 2017 with a master plan for their facilities with City Projects, a real-estate consulting agency. The master planning process resulted in a thorough understanding of the program elements of PACE. With this knowledge, RTA was able to jump-start the programming process to assist RMHCS in evaluating a new potential facility on the north side of Colorado Springs.


Purposeful, engaging solutions.

The Explorer location offers a variety of amenities including two day rooms, two activity rooms, Memory Lane (space for memory care guests), physical/ occupational therapy gym, wellness gym, pharmacy, four behavioral health consults, lab services, eight exam rooms for primary care and dental, and three treatment rooms for supporting services such as acupuncture. This facility can also accommodate future growth on the second floor as well as third floor administrative spaces.

The inviting lodge-like facility supports safety and security of the guests and staff through the following elements:

  • Visibility: Clear sight lines to always maintain visibility of guests
  • Storage: A place for everything, keeping supplies locked away and organized
  • Technology: Delayed egress and alarmed doors for security
  • Acoustics: High Noise Reducing Coefficient (NRC) materials throughout
  • Daylighting and Biophilia: Views, access to the outdoors, and connections to nature throughout the facility reduces stress and increases cognitive performance

Project Details

  • Square footage: 20,000 sf
  • Project cost: $3.2M

Design Details

  • PACE care model
  • Day rooms and activity rooms
  • Memory Lane for memory care guests
  • Physical/ occupational therapy gym and a wellness gym
  • Pharmacy and lab services
  • Behavioral health consulting areas
  • Primary care and dental services
  • Daylighting and biophilia throughout
  • Improved acoustical performance
  • Space for future growth
  • Photography by Vic Moss