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Penrose Women’s Imaging

Colorado Springs, Colorado


Connecting through experience of place.

Penrose Pavilion is a four-story medical office building located on the Penrose Hospital medical campus in Colorado Springs and was designed to aesthetically harmonize with the existing campus. RTA sought to balance technology with a relaxing spa-like environment in their design for the Center for Women’s Imaging located on the 2nd floor. The Center for Women’s Imaging was designed to provide one-stop healthcare services for women. Penrose desired a place where care was easy to access and less time-consuming in order to assist clients who have busy work schedules, as well as providing more consistency in appointment keeping.


Ever curious. Ever learning. Ever improving.

Working closely with staff and end users focused on women’s services, RTA was able to craft a boutique-like environment not normally associated with medical facilities.


Purposeful, engaging solutions.

The design of the Imaging Center allows for multiple tests – including mammograms, stereotactic biopsy, ultrasound, bone density, and gamma camera – to be scheduled for the same day in a calming environment.

The patient experience flows seamlessly from check-in, to dressing rooms, to the procedure room. In order to reinforce the spa-like environment, a robe is provided in place of a thin hospital gown. Women can even sip flavored water and enjoy a sugar scrub while waiting for their next appointment. The care and intentionality poured into the design encourages and fosters women’s care in the Colorado Springs community.

Project Details

  • Square footage:10,725 sf

Design Details

  • Design allows for multiple tests to be scheduled for the same day
  • Seamless patient experience
  • Calming spa-like environment


  • LEED Certified Core and Shell