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North Colorado Medical Center Kitchen and Dining

Greely, Colorado


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RTA’s design team took on the challenging existing constraints at North Colorado Medical Center (NCMC) in Greeley to provide an enhanced dining experience for patients and visitors, as well as an efficient work environment for kitchen staff. As the primary food preparation space for the general hospital, extensive equipment and storage upgrades were a necessity to maximize the effectiveness of this previously outdated kitchen.


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The most challenging aspect of this project was that the 12,834-square-foot kitchen, servery, and dining renovation needed to take place in the context of three separate existing building expansions that were constructed in 1949, 1972, and 1980. Furthermore, the servery and dining room expansion was designed in the middle of an existing courtyard, flanked on three sides by existing structures.


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Design upgrades to these areas include sloped ceilings and specialty soffits, steel construction with a large skylight, brick exterior finish, and exterior storefront glass with views to the courtyard and outdoor dining area. Ceramic tile and terrazzo tile finishes were installed at key floor and wall locations in the servery and dining area for easy cleaning and infection control. A rooftop patio off of the 1st floor Imaging Center provides 2nd level access and enjoyment for patients and staff of the courtyard area.

In addition to the kitchen and dining renovation, the complex phasing of the project promoted development of a transitional grab-and-go coffee and snack shop to fulfill the overflowing food service needs of the hospital throughout construction. The 530-square-foot Coffee Corner was designed and constructed in the main entrance corridor at NCMC, with continued service after the completion of the kitchen renovation.

Project Details

  • Square footage: 12,834

Design Details

  • Complex phasing to maintain continuous service
  • Rooftop patio
  • Views
  • Daylighting