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La Junta Primary School Renovation & Addition

Colorado Springs, Colorado


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Originally constructed in 1975, the Primary School houses K-2 students and includes general classrooms, a media center/library, and combined cafeteria/gymnasium. RTA was retained by the District to design an addition as well as to renovate the original school building. RTA had previously completed a Master Plan for the East Otero School District and assisted with the BEST Grant for the La Junta Primary School.


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RTA conducted several DAG meetings and collaborated closely with the District to determine the appropriate strategy and location for the classroom addition and the phased renovations. After reviewing the school’s needs, the building was reorganized to provide a more distinct identity and  allow for a better parking and drop off flow with improved visibility and safety for the drop-off. The gym and administration building were added on, and the old gym was used to create a separate cafeteria, allowing simultaneous use with gym. The new gym is also a recreational asset for the larger community.


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The addition includes a new music room, three classrooms, and restrooms. The rest of the original building underwent renovation including ADA, life safety, and security improvements; a new roof, new windows and exterior doors; asbestos abatement; improved drop-off; a new entry canopy, and new mechanical units; lighting, and low-flow fixtures to improve energy and water efficiency of the building. La Junta Primary was completed December 2019.

Project Details

  • Square footage: 
    • Addition: 9,474 SF
    • Renovation: 41,000 SF 
  • Project cost: $8.342M

Design Details

  • A building addition containing a new music room, three classrooms, gym, and restrooms
  • Collaborative design with the DAG and the District
  • Flexible design and furnishings
  • Improved drop off and circulation and visibility
  • New mechanical units
  • New playgrounds
  • ADA, life safety, and security improvements
  • New windows and exterior doors
  • New roof
  • Asbestos abatement
  • LED lighting and low-flow fixtures to improve energy and water efficiency
  • Low-maintenance landscaping
  • Photography by Vic Moss