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Douglass Elementary

Boulder, Colorado

"RTA’s designs spend money where it counts. However, the focus on value does not preclude consideration for aesthetics, innovative problem solving or visually impactful design.”

Don Orr, Executive Director of Bond Planning, Engineering and Construction Boulder Valley School District


Connecting through experience of place.

Douglass Elementary is part of the District’s Exemplar Schools program developed in conjunction with educational planners Fielding Nair International. The school’s floor plan design begins with “the Heart” a large, open area that presents a variety of different educational zones to accommodate multiple learning styles from large group assembly, to smaller collaborative group work, and, single and one-on-one educational activities.


Ever curious. Ever learning. Ever improving.

Students are clustered by grade in Learning Communities that include learning studios, a project room, a small group room, a shared teacher collaboration room and flexible shared common areas. These multi-use spaces allow teachers and students to interact in multiple learning environments. A Curiosity Center, adjoining the Heart, is a creative hub of activity design to promote intellectual exploration, content creation, and interactive learning.


Purposeful, engaging solutions.

At 59,000 sf, the new Douglass Elementary School was designed to meet the District’s Sustainability Management System and Sustainable Energy Plan and is net-zero energy capable. The new building is estimated to use just 30.9 kBTU/SF/year, a 64% reduction in energy use over the old facility, translating into significant utility savings for the District.

Project Details

  • Square Footage: 59,000 sf
  • Project Cost: $24.77M

Design Details

  • Collaborative Design Advisory Team
  • 21st Century learning spaces
  • Net Zero ready design
  • Learning studios
  • Maker space / Curiosity Center
  • Energy-efficient mechanical, electrical, and lighting systems
  • Collaborative areas for teachers and students
  • Flexible common areas to support multiple learning environments.
  • Outdoor learning spaces
  • Flexible furnishings