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Cherry Creek Academy Renovations & Expansions

Englewood, Colorado

"Our project included considerations for safety, accessibility, security and the expected and needed space additions. What we did not expect was the beautiful building that resulted. We have many spaces that delight parents, staff, and children alike. We have spaces that improve staff effectiveness. We have a building that, despite adding significant overall space, costs us slightly less to heat and cool than before we began the process ... consider hiring RTA and its brilliant team. They will make your project a success both in outcome and in process.”

Karen A. Secor, President, Cherry Creek Academy Parent Senate


Connecting through experience of place.

RTA's first Cherry Creek Academy project consisted of three small additions totaling approximately 12,000 square feet and partial interior renovations of the existing 43,500-square-foot K-8 charter school. Continuing RTA’s tradition of developing relationships and repeatedly serving clients over the years, RTA has since completed three additional interior renovation and addition projects and generated a Master Plan to accommodate growth to position Cherry Creek Academy for long-term success.


Ever curious. Ever learning. Ever improving.

Cherry Creek Academy remained fully occupied and functional throughout the construction process with limited disruption to students and the overall academic environment.


Purposeful, engaging solutions.

The additions to the existing building include new classrooms, a science room, an art room, a new cafeteria, administrative offices, and a new, more secure main entry. It also included site upgrades for storm water management and quality. the 2018 renovations included a gymnasium addition, three new classrooms, and a new maker space

The completed design incorporated flexible learning spaces to allow for changing educational and technological needs. The additions were strategically placed to maximize user flow and to enhance the functionality of the building. Accessibility and life safety issues were addressed, and the RTA team explored various alternatives to provide appropriate, energy-efficient HVAC systems and daylighting in the additions, while also setting the stage for future upgrades for the remainder of the existing building.

The lower classroom level of the gymnasium addition required a unique solution due to the building’s proximity to the existing building and the adjacent streets which caused tight site constraints. The final development included temporary soil nails and shotcrete shoring of the existing earth prior to pouring the foundation. Water proofing additive and drainage boards were also used to protect the foundation from moisture.

Project Details

  • Square footage: varied by project
  • Project cost: varied by project

Design Details

  • 21st Century learning spaces
  • New cafeteria, science room, art room, and administrative offices
  • Energy-efficient HVAC systems
  • Daylighting
  • Site upgrades for storm water management and quality
  • Flexible learning spaces
  • New classrooms and a maker space
  • Fully occupied during construction
  • Secure main entry
  • New gymnasium
  • Accommodation for future educational and technological needs