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St. Francis Medical Center NICU/ED/OR Expansion

Colorado Springs, CO

"RTA has championed the (IPD) process by immersing our NICU, Surgery, and ED staff in the design process. It has been such a positive experience for our entire team working with RTA.”

Meredith Wardwell, Director of Facilities Management, Penrose-St. Francis Health Services


Connecting through experience of place.

The Saint Francis Medical Center, originally designed by RTA, encompasses forty-two acres in eastern Colorado Springs. This $102 million project - under a multi-party agreement with RTA, GE Johnson, Penrose-St. Francis Health Systems, and other project partners - will increase the number of beds and workflow in the Emergency Department (ED) and the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) as well as provide additional new operating rooms (ORs) to meet the needs of the ever-growing Colorado Springs community.


Ever curious. Ever learning. Ever improving.

The expansion is another a fully collaborative effort and uses an Integrated Project Delivery method under a multi-party agreement contractual arrangement. This delivery method has already experienced great success facilitated by a co-location site on campus to facilitate Pull-Planning scheduling, Lean 3P user group meetings, target value pricing management, and a team workroom to create a true integrated design team environment.

The first step in RTA’s design process was participating in immersion experiences in both the ED and NICU departments. The design team was provided critical information by being able to closely interact with staff and view patient care.


Purposeful, engaging solutions.

The care model for the Emergency Department will be split flow, utilizing an intake process with a lower acuity SuperTrack and an internal results waiting area. This care model was validated in the paper simulations carried out during the 3P Event and instilled confidence in the staff for the future department design. The new design for the NICU calls for a renovation to the existing unit and expansion into the adjacent tower, providing larger staff support areas and larger single-patient rooms with direct access to light and views. The four-story addition and new garden level will feature covered parking, an emergency medicine lounge, a wellness garden, and shell space for future expansion. Construction is expected to be completed in the spring of 2019.

Project Details

  • Square footage: 168,580 sf
    • ED, EMS Support, and EMS/Staff parking: 79,045 sf
    • ORs: 32,463 sf
    • NICU: 30,668 sf
    • Shell space & building support: 26,404 sf
  • Project cost: $102M (estimated)

Design Details

  • Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) method under a multi-party agreement contractual arrangement
  • Collaborative Lean design principles
  • ED: 6 room Super Track with an internal results waiting area, 3 Trauma rooms, 6 observation rooms, 4 behavioral health rooms, and 29 exam rooms
  • Covered parking, an emergency medicine lounge, a wellness garden, and shell space for future expansion
  • NICU renovation and expansion
  • OR Expansion