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Axis Health

Durango, Colorado


Connecting through experience of place.

For several years, Axis Health System was searching for a location to integrate their primary care, behavioral, and dental health services together with their corporate offices. Integrating those health services together would enable Axis to provide whole person care to their community - a key initiative of the organization. With each discipline of healthcare in the building, it is easier for patients to visit each of these core health disciplines by scheduling back-to-back appointments, thereby removing barriers to accessing care. Patients who may be unaware of the full range of health services would learn more about how to maintain their personal health.


Ever curious. Ever learning. Ever improving.

When Axis purchased an existing office building in Durango, Colorado along the Animas River, RTA teamed with Nunn Construction to design and build the integrated health center. By bringing together the full portfolio of health services in one building, Axis Health removed access barriers to provide whole person care. Collaboration between care providers is encouraged and facilitated throughout the building with spaces shared between the different departments.


Purposeful, engaging solutions.

The full interior renovation of the existing building will create tenant spaces for primary care, oral health, behavioral health, and substance abuse services. The construction of the integrated health center will have transformative effects on how Axis delivers care to the Durango community, and RTA is proud to be a partner to Axis in that effort. 

Project Details

Square footage: 81,000 sf

Project cost: $6.06M (est.)

Design Details

  • Full interior renovation of the existing building.
  • Tenant spaces for primary care, oral health, behavioral, and substance abuse services.