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Aurora Public Schools Freezer

Aurora, Colorado


Connecting through experience of place.

Aurora Public Schools retained RTA to design a new freezer and warehouse building to serve the district. This central storage facility will handle all incoming food deliveries, storage, and distribution to kitchens throughout the school district.


Ever curious. Ever learning. Ever improving.

The design team worked with user groups and district staff to select a site layout and design that meets the needs of the district.


Purposeful, engaging solutions.

The building is divided between a 11,740 SF precast concrete warehouse and administration area and a 41,652 SF insulated metal freezer, cooler, and loading dock area. Rack storage is sized to accommodate their 30-year projected capacity and include space available to rent to other nearby districts. Twelve refrigerated loading locks will handle all incoming and outgoing products. Being sympathetic to the adjacent base housing on Buckley Space Force Base, the site is orientated to cluster all loud activities on the north side of the building and minimize disturbance.

Project Details

Size: 55,000 sf

Cost: $24M (est.)

Design Details

  • Precast concrete warehouse and administration area.
  • Insulated metal freezer, cooler, and loading dock.