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Red River Brewing Company

Red River, New Mexico

"The nicest brewery atmosphere in all of New Mexico and Arizona.”

Dark Side Brew Crew


Connecting through experience of place.

A small town nestled in the Sangre de Cristo Mountains, Red River, New Mexico drew visitors with winter sports and mountain recreation, but was lacking in good options for dining.  To fill this need, a full-service restaurant and bar was designed and the Red River Brewing Company began to take shape as a vibrant community-focused institution.


Ever curious. Ever learning. Ever improving.

After extensive research, a defunct gas station on a popular corner was demolished and became the home of the Red River Brewing Company. The design of the Red River Brewing Company was inspired by the brewing process and was intended to put the process fully on display. RTA utilized building information modeling (BIM) and 3D modeling to provide detailed studies of the brewery. The site was designed to maximize pedestrian interaction by bringing the building and outdoor seating areas right up to the sidewalk and relocating parking behind the building.


Purposeful, engaging solutions.

The final design of the Red River Brewing Company reflects the community’s rich mining history through the use of rusted untreated steel combined with chinking material and a varied pattern of pre-finished wood plank siding. The bar top, long communal table top, and benches were crafted from a fallen 300-year-old New Mexico ponderosa pine tree from a nearby property. The brewery now boasts a game patio, family and pet-friendly environment, ample outdoor seating, a transparent brewing process, and cold storage. With a seating capacity of 220, passing pedestrians are invited to enter into the vibrant atmosphere that has made the Red River Brewing Company a social hub for locals and tourists alike.

Project Details

  • Square footage: 6,480 sf
  • Project cost: $2.85M

Design Details

  • Seating capacity of 220
  • Family and pet-friendly environment
  • Transparent brewing and cold storage
  • Game patio
  • Sustainable design
  • Materials that reflect the regional history