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Staff Bios

Dikshit Mahaveer Chand, Emerging Professional

randy thorne

Dikshit’s passion for architecture started in middle school when he discovered the thrill of an idea evolving from a page and then gradually transforming into a physical structure. This passion and desire to explore how science and technology can improve building performance environmentally and socially prompted him to pursue architecture. After completing his Bachelor of Architecture degree at Hindustan University, Chennai, India, Dikshit decided to relocate to the US to complete his education. He joined RTA in 2019, shortly after graduating with his Master of Architecture from the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign. He enjoys a range of projects that involve innovation, technology, and sustainability, and he strives to create thought-provoking, innovative, and sensible solutions in each project. As a dynamic team player that enjoys exciting and challenging opportunities to learn and contribute, Dikshit brings a creative, result-oriented, meticulous approach to each team he works with.