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Staff Bios

R. Perry Lewis, Principal

R. Perry Lewis, Principal


In the thirty years that Perry has been practicing architecture, paper and pen have given way to computerized drafting and design techniques. However, Perry recognizes the significance of the past and he retains a strong ability to communicate through sketches, hand drawings, and vignettes.

Perry believes in the importance of exploring design alternatives, rather than simply jumping into a project with preconceived ideas about what the client needs. He prefers to listen to the owners and users of a building and develop the design around their requirements for the project. With the seasoned eye he brings to every project, Perry is able to quickly see spaces and ideas three-dimensionally. His keen knowledge of building details helps him to create architecture that appears to be effortlessly put together.

Perry has master-planned over fifty retail and multi-use sites for both large, nationally-known developers and smaller regional clientele. Through Perry’s direction, RTA has held a continuing, long-term relationship with these developers.