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Kitaen D. Jones, Marketing Assistant

Kitaen and personal item

Kitaen moved to Colorado Springs after gaining experience writing for the communications sector of public health. She graduated from the University of Memphis with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Journalism, and a minor in English. Her love for Colorado and the opportunity to do impactful work is what led her to RTA. Kitaen is a skilled and detailed writer who enjoys researching, editing, and problem solving. Her unique skillset helps to fulfill an important role at RTA.

Jheanelle joined RTA in 2016 after completing multiple education programs in Jamaica and receiving her Masters of Architecture from Florida International University. She is motivated by community based projects, where architecture acts as an engine for change. Jheanelle enjoys knowing she makes a difference with her work, both socially and economically. When she begins a new project, Jheanelle asks herself who the building is serving and how the architecture can invest in the dignities of the community that it will serve. Jheanelle’s work ethic, unique perspective, and drive to help others makes RTA and the communities we serve a better place.