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St. Mary Corwin HospitalCancer Center

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St. Mary-Corwin Hospital Cancer Center wanted to create a new face that would be recognizable and easily discerned by the community. The original cancer center was difficult to access and was located at the back of the hospital next to the receiving area. Also, the medical oncology service line was housed in an old building that was not suitable for hospital use and could not be expanded. RTA’s goal was to create a new cancer center with its own entry and drop-off areas and parking separate from the main hospital.

RTA’s research indicated that changing standards across the board in the cancer care field dictated a move to a more cooperative yet specialized treatment. This would enable greater collaboration among formerly distinct medical departments. The team’s research also indicated that patients and families needed a healing environment that would offer education and areas to grieve and meditate. RTA designed the cancer center at St. Mary-Corwin Hospital to support the hospital’s vision of a comprehensive cancer center that fostered collaboration between medical oncology and radiation therapy, and provided the type of healing atmosphere that is best for patients and their families.

The design provided three new accelerator vaults, medical oncology clinical space, and needed support space for Tumor Registry and the American Cancer Society. The addition of a new interior healing garden with a water feature and comfortable seating also provides an area of respite for patients and their families.