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St. Francis Medical CenterOperating Rooms

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The award-winning St. Francis Medical Center was designed by RTA Architects in conjunction with Earl Swanson Architects and was completed in August of 2008. The original design allowed for the outfitting of two future operating rooms (OR’s) and the expansion of the Pre-Op, PACU, and Phase II Recovery areas. In 2012, as the center excelled, the need for a renovation became apparent.

The first of the two operating rooms designed by RTA is dedicated to orthopedic procedures and the second is used for neurological surgeries. The average size of an operating room at St. Francis Medical Center is 685 square feet, which allows for mobility of staff and equipment around the operating table. The newly renovated operating suites include a sterile core, scrub stations, sub-sterile rooms, equipment alcoves, storage, an anesthesia workroom, a vendor supply room, a frozen section room, and a control desk with a spacious work area.

The Pre-Op, PACU and Phase II Recovery areas were expanded from 21 beds to 28. Two of the beds are enclosed in what the medical center calls “cry rooms,” which were specifically designed for pediatric patients who are scared and vocal. The design challenges of this project included upgrading smoke evacuation systems, addressing problematic expansion joint covers that inhibit gurney movement, and the privacy needs of Pre-Op and PACU.

St. Francis Medical center is honored as one of America’s 50 Best Hospitals and their Orthopedic Surgery is honored as one of America’s 100 Best.