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Penrose Emergency DepartmentColorado Springs, Colorado

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"RTA Architects has set the bar of working collaboratively to manage costs on fast track, marquee projects. Key to this has been the consistent involvement of the RTA Principal-in-charge, and they follow through with their commitments. This level of trust has allowed us to achieve remarkable results in regards to budget performance, speed to delivery, and a terrific client experience time and time again.”

Justin D. Cooper, Vice President, GE Johnson Construction Company

Renovation of the Penrose Hospital Level II Trauma Emergency Department (ED) was a coordinated team effort that was undertaken to implement the latest in healthcare practices. RTA’s goal was to improve patient waiting times, staff efficiency, and treatment effectiveness.

By incorporating ED metrics and staff input into the renovation project, the team at RTA was able to introduce a facility that aids the hospital in attaining its patient treatment goals. A main commitment of the project team was to improve patient experience at the facility. Through dedication to predetermined goals and continuous collaboration, the project was successful in all areas, as demonstrated by the post-completion statistics. The Penrose ED project increased patient rooms from 20 to 27, replaced three open triage beds with three triage rooms, and created a fast-track area for three patients.

A key element to the project’s success was team involvement in critical functions and program elements required throughout the planning, design, and construction process. In order to minimize operational disruptions, the team developed an aggressive phasing plan consisting of 10 phases to be completed in 10 months. The overall team involved in the project included hospital staff, facilities management, doctors, design consultants, contractors, subcontractors, and both local and state AHJ’s (Authority Having Jurisdiction).


  • 2014 Vista Award, presented by American Society of Healthcare Engineers (ASHE)