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Jefferson High SchoolEdgewater, Colorado

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Jefferson High School, originally built in 1952, required an extensive renovation in order to catch up with six decades of change. The vision process began with a four-month master planning effort. RTA set out to realign the facility and the school’s educational program to meet the current and unique needs of the community.

The master plan identified five areas of greatest need: 1) a new science core, 2) reorganization and renovation of existing classrooms, 3) a new kitchen, 4) improved safety and security, and 5) a new softball field on an adjacent site so that the team’s offsite travel could be reduced.

The new, state-of-the-art science core, capable of supporting an advanced STEM curriculum, features ample daylighting, tall ceilings, and acoustical treatments. Care was taken to reinforce the character of the original mid-century structure by maintaining some of the positive attributes of the existing building, while still updating and modernizing it. The result is an addition that integrates seamlessly into the original architecture, while also elevating the science program and creating a professional atmosphere that students respect. Through partnerships with Red Rocks Community College and with new opportunities for advanced instruction, classes for college credit are now offered in the high school building.