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With the launch of Envision Radiology in 2001, RTA began an exploration with our client to improve the patient experience for Outpatient Imaging Centers. The goal was to facilitate professional, comfortable, prompt, and cost-effective imaging services, such as magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), computed tomography (CT), radio frequency, and ultrasound. These small, but powerful facilities started in Colorado Springs and have now grown to 31 locations in four different states – Colorado, Louisiana, Texas, and Oklahoma.  Envision Radiology has also teamed with Centura Health for multiple projects, forming an organization known as CHER (Centura Health Envision Radiology).

Due to the fact that Envision Radiology sought to streamline outpatient imaging and differentiate themselves from institutional practices, the challenge for the team at RTA was to create an efficient and consistent model that could be adapted in different locations, but maintain a single, functional concept that focuses on the patient. To accomplish this, RTA worked closely with Envision Radiology and included small businesses on a comprehensive design team in order to assist with site selection, facility programming, pre-design, interior design, and other disciplines. These highly complex projects involving many unique design issues mandated successful team work in order to complete them on budget and on schedule.

The result is highly refined, functional layouts that optimize the patient experience and facilitate patient flow. RTA prioritized patient needs in the centers by including comfortable spaces, imaging rooms with abundant natural light, areas for family, and privacy for patients. The success of these projects and the trust that RTA has developed with this client has led to an ongoing relationship that continues to this day.

For more information, please visit www.envrad.com.