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Conover BuildingColorado Springs, Colorado

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"The whole process instituted by the design team at RTA made the development and construction of the Conover Building a pure joy. I believe that it has raised the 'high-water mark' for commercial and design development in the urban downtown of Colorado Springs.”

Gary Conover, Owner, The Conover Building

The Conover Professional Building in downtown Colorado Springs was created to provide new offices for a series of law and insurance companies. The owner’s vision for this particular office building was that it should reflect the downtown vernacular of Colorado Springs and have a distinctly urban feel.

The Conover Building’s façade was inspired by a multitude of historic sources because the client had requested a building with a “historic feel.” The design team felt that the turn-of-the-century warehouse districts of various cities, especially the historic district of LODO in downtown Denver, offered the kind of historic texture RTA wanted to recreate.

Strong visual pilasters and corner rectangular bay windows emphasize external texture. The large, multi-mullioned windows not only reinforce the historic warehouse feel, but also admit generous amounts of light into the main façades of the building. The front and rear atrium/mezzanine spaces invite natural light, and visual access to the skylights is made possible by mezzanine balconies that allow patrons to experience these multi-floor spaces.


  • 2003 Award of Excellence, Presented by The Historic Preservation Alliance of Colorado Springs