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Centura Health Broadmoor Commons MOBColorado Springs, Colorado

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The new Centura Health Broadmoor Commons MOB is a two-story building located at a strategic, highly visible intersection of two primary arterial streets in Colorado Springs. RTA coordinated numerous meetings with the various clinicians to understand patient and staff requirements and goals. This helped ensure a product that delivers positive experience for all who use the facility. 

At the main entry, a large, well-lighted canopy leads patients from the adjacent drop-off location and the parking lot directly to the front door. From the two-story entry vestibule-which incorporates custom design artwork-the patient transitions into a large lobby that leads directly into four clinics: Urgent Care, Behavioral Health, a center for Ocupational Medicine, and an imaging suite that includes MRI, CT scan, ultrasound, and x-ray services. The imaging suite is directly ajoined to the Urgent Care for easy access. Both the Urgent Care and Occupational Medicine have full laboratory services.

At the elevator lobby-with abundant natural light and direct views of the adjacent mountains-the patient has access to the second floor. The suites on the second floor include Primary Care, Orthopedics, and Physical Therapy. The Orthopedics suite has x-ray capabilities and is adjoined to the Physical Therapy suite for patient and staff access.

The new Broadmoor Commons MOB has greatly expanded the available Centura Health services directly into the Broadmoor neighborhood, replaced four aging business park buildings, and has revitalized the neighborhood at the highly visible intersection.